5 Tips To Prevent Fires From Spreading From Unit To Unit In Your Apartment Building

Posted on: 1 June 2015


If you are an apartment building owner, keeping your tenants safe and your building in good condition are probably two of your top priorities. Although you certainly don't want any part of your apartment building to catch on fire, you might worry that the carelessness of one tenant could cause a fire to spread throughout the entire apartment, which can cause widespread damage and can put all of your tenants at an increased risk. Luckily, if you take precautions to help prevent any potential fires from spreading from unit to unit in your building, you can help prevent these issues. Plus, you can help ensure that your building is up to code for your area.

1. Install a Fire Barrier Panel Between Each Unit

You can purchase fire barrier panels from any home improvement store, or you can ask a contractor to install them for you. These panels should go between the walls that partition each unit from the next. Basically, these panels are designed to prevent fire from passing through them, which can help keep fires as contained as possible.

2. Use Fire Stop Caulk

Instead of using regular caulk in your apartment building, use fire stop caulk. This caulk can be used on the flooring, walls and other areas in between each unit. Basically, this type of caulk is designed to stop fires from spreading, and it's designed to be used around fire resistant panels. However, it can also be used in other areas, such as on the flooring, to act as an additional aid to help prevent this dangerous issue. For more information, contact Walser Contracting Ltd concrete cutting or a similar company.

3. Install Fire Safe Doors on Each Unit

Go ahead and spend a little more money to purchase fire safe doors for each of your units. This can help prevent fires from spreading through the doorways.

4. Install a Fire Sprinkler System

You should have a fire sprinkler system in place in your apartment building. Sprinkler heads should be placed in each unit, as well as in the hallways and common areas. These sprinklers can work to put out fires before they have the chance to spread.

5. Install Louder Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors should be loud enough that they can be heard from other nearby units in your building. Make sure that you are diligent about checking these smoke detectors and replacing the batteries as needed.

As you can see, there are a few things that you can do to help create fire resistant barriers and help prevent fires from spreading in your apartment building. Follow these tips, and you can help keep your tenants and your property safe.