Four Tips To Help You Repair And Restore Damaged Concrete Finishes

Posted on: 9 July 2015


Concrete can be used for a lot of different things, such patios, driveways and flooring in your home. With time, concrete can crack and become damaged. If the concrete is an exposed finished floor, it can be unsightly. You may want to be able to repair concrete to do things like add an acid stain, epoxy finish or just restore it to look like new again. Here are some tips to help you with the repair and restoration of your damaged concrete:

1. Filling In Cracked Concrete With Sealants And Adhesives

Concrete can easily crack, and this can expose concrete to problems that are not visible, like erosion beneath the concrete. To fix this problem, the concrete will need to be sealed with a special adhesive the gets deep into the crack. After the adhesive has been applied, the crack can then be sealed to protect it from moisture.

2. Blending In Finishes To Match Concrete Repairs

If you are fixing concrete on a path or drive, appearance may not be too important. Other areas like patios or a concrete floor in your home can be unsightly with visible repairs. To solve this problem, the surface of the concrete can be refinished to blend it in with the rest of the floor to make repairs less visible.

3. Finishing Concrete To Prepare For Acid Staining

In addition to finishing the concrete, you may want to have an acid stain applied. This can be another way to help blend in repairs that are noticeable even after refinishing the surface of the concrete. The stains can be used to create different patterns and designs that help to mask the imperfections in the concrete. This can even be done to interior concrete floors to create the look of custom tiles, which can be great for finishing a basement.

4. Adding Coatings And Specialty Concrete Finishes To Mask Repairs

If repairs to your concrete have been extensive, there are other methods that can be used to make it look like new again. You can have an epoxy finish coat added to make it look like new and provide a durable protective coat. There are also many different types of clear finishes that can be added to make your concrete look like it never had a repair.

These are some things that you will want to have done for the repairs and restoration of your concrete. If you need help with you concrete restoration, contact professional concrete contractor, like Pyramid Concrete & Consulting Ltd, to get the help you need repairing your damaged concrete.