3 Reasons You Should Consider a Stamped Concrete Driveway

Posted on: 9 November 2015


If you are building a home, you might find yourself choosing between a boring, flat driveway and footing the bill for pricy natural stone alternatives. However, there might be a better way. Stamped concrete offers an appealing texture without costing you an arm and a leg. Here are three reasons you should consider a stamped concrete driveway:

1: It Can Be Customized

One of the neatest things about stamped concrete is that it can be completely customized based on your taste. Professional contractors typically have access to a huge range of different stamps, so you can choose patterns that look textured or like brick.

Also, the concrete itself is dyed before it is stamped, which makes it look natural and beautiful. You can choose to dye the concrete to match the brickwork or stucco of your home or to complement the tones of your home's exterior. For example, if you have a light-colored home with dark shutters, you could request dark concrete to highlight the landscaping.

Before you meet with a concrete contractor to discuss your new driveway, take a few minutes to think about what colors would look nice against your home. Don't forget to think about existing brickwork or path pavers, which might need to mesh with the new concrete.

2: Stamped Concrete Is Much Cheaper Than Other Materials

If you love the nostalgic look of cobblestone, you might be thinking about dropping a little cash on that driveway. Unfortunately, natural stone is often much more expensive than most people realize. For example, cobblestone driveways start at around $13 per square foot, which means the typical 10 x 20 foot driveway would cost upwards of $2,600.

However, concrete-stamped driveways mimic the look of cobblestone or other natural materials without the steep price tag. Simple, single-color stamped concrete patterns typically start at around $8 per square foot, which means the same driveway would only cost $1,600—a savings of $1,000.

3: Dyed Concrete Disguises Chips and Scratches

Unlike traditional stone driveways, which can loosen and break apart over time, stamped concrete is solid and it disguises chips and scratches. Because the actual concrete is dyed and not just the surface, chips or scratches will blend right in. Also, since each slab of concrete is slightly different, your driveway will retain all of the natural characteristics of rock.  

By investing in a stamped concrete driveway, you might be able to set your home apart—without worrying about your finances. Look for stamped concrete by Akko Ltd Cement Finishers or another contractor in your area.