Three Benefits Of Concrete Slab Flooring In A Commerical Location

Posted on: 20 May 2019


Concrete slab flooring in a commercial space sounds like something that would be not so pretty or pleasant. However, you may not be aware of the fact that concrete slabs can be made pretty, and that they do not have to look like a driveway throughout the building. In fact, a vast majority of commercial settings have this type of flooring, and for many good reasons and benefits thereof. The following just highlights some of the benefits. 

Extremely Economical

Concrete slabs are pre-poured, hardened, and cured in a factory. It makes them incredibly economical in a commercial situation because all your concrete contractor has to do is put down the supporting under-layers and apply a thin layer of cement prior to laying down all of the slabs in place. You never have to wait weeks on end to enter the building or allow customers to walk on the floor. That is time saved and money earned because customers can begin entering your front doors and spending money on goods or services a lot sooner than expected. 

It Is Particularly Easy to Maintain

Carpet in a commercial setting is a nightmare to maintain. Stone tile gets far too slippery when wet, and nobody puts linoleum or vinyl flooring down in a commercial setting. Wood is not a good idea either because of all of the expected foot traffic. However, concrete flooring is very easy to maintain, and nearly impossible to wear out or destroy over time. Maintenance involves weekly washing and buffing, quarterly waxing (if you have a finish on the concrete), and daily sweeping in areas of high traffic. 

So Many Beautification Options

Have you checked out all the different finishes that concrete can have now? From marbling to epoxy coverings, you can make those concrete slabs look like anything you want them to look like. You can color them, create different patterns, and even apply glow-in-the-dark finishes if it fancies you. Considering the other benefits of concrete slabs, this particular benefit may just be the icing on the concrete cake. 

Are You Ready to Install That Commercial Concrete Floor?

When you are ready to install a concrete slab floor in your commercial building, call a bunch of contractors to get the best possible quote. Be sure to ask about finishing processes and using slabs to complete the job in a shorter time. Ask to see samples of slabs with finishes so that you can pick out exactly what you want.